About Us

Patchwork Farm is 27 acres in northern California’s enchanting Capay Valley.  It is home to flourishing lavender fields, a patch of fresh, organic produce, and acres of garbanzo beans.  It is also the realization of Sherri Wood’s lifelong dream, planted during childhood, nurtured across the years, and, finally, brought to life in 2017.

Fields of Provence, Grosso and Super lavender surround a sparkling white central farm house and provide a lush, fragrant welcome to visitors and farmers alike.

Upon seeing the expanse of acreage, the word “patchwork” flashed into Sherri’s mind.  She began to envision a collective of farmers, whose patches of crops would fill the landscape and create opportunity in the valley for farmers and residents alike.  Seasonal planting freshens the view and invites guests to return again and again.

Patchwork Farm is the place where Sherri’s dream came true.  She invites you to visit, draw in a breath of fresh country air, and, just maybe, find inspiration for a little dream of your own.