Meet the Farmers

Building a dream

From the moment she stepped onto the original acre and cast her gaze toward the horizon, Sherri dreamed Patchwork Farm.  To say that the property was “scrubby” would be an understatement.  Six hundred diseased almond trees and tall weeds covered the landscape near and far.  Even in its original state, though, she saw the potential for restoring the land, creating a new home, and fostering community with her neighbors.  

The concept of personal empowerment has been a driving force in Sherri’s life from her earliest days.  She is part of the growing community of women in agriculture who proudly call themselves “FarmHers” and who champion opportunites for other women to grow with them.  Sherri strives to hire women as often as possible. 

“My siblings and I were fortunate to grow up with parents for whom hospitality was second nature.  I will always remember my mother as a gracious hostess and a marvelous cook.   As you explore our site — and someday our grounds — you will discover high quality lavender products and, I hope, a place where you and your family and friends can relax and enjoy the beauty of the land and this spectacular valley.” 

A return to the land

Many words describe that moment at which an unspoken dream intersects with undeniable opportunity.  “Awesome!”  “Amazing!” . . . and, we think, entirely appropriate.

Matt Shiffrar’s story happened a lot like that.  It all started in Santa Maria, California, when, at this uncle’s side, Matt learned the techniques of dry-farming beans.  Although he eventually left the family farm for city life, visions of his own field, covered with lush green growth, stayed with him.  

After moving to Napa, he began to search  California FarmLink for a patch of land to farm.  It was high noon on a hot July day, when he stepped out of his truck and introduced himself to Sherri – and it was then that he knew Patchwork Farm was where he wanted to be. 

We are very  pleased to have Matt (and his dog Sonia) on the Farm and we look forward to the day when Matt’s vision of bringing nutritious organic garbanzos and other beans to market becomes a reality

farm fresh to you

Laura Reynolds’ Gillyflower Farm is the first tenant for Patchwork Farm.  Named for Laura’s dog, Gilly, Gillyflower is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and part of Laura’s dream of becoming an independent farmer. 

Laura and Sherri worked out the terms of their lease agreement thru FarmLink and this document became the basis for future tenants.  

She has found that her “patch” in Capay Valley is perfect for microgreens and pea shoots — and it is a perfect space for playing fetch with Gilly.  

Home base for Laura is Davis, California, where she provides her CSA members with organic produce that is harvested daily.  “Farm fresh to you” is exactly what it sounds like, thanks to Laura and Gillyflower Farm.  We are delighted to be able to share our land with Laura, and to offer her a space to grow her dream.