More Than Lavender

Patchwork Farm is a place that proves dreams can come true (with a little planning and a healthy commitment to hard work).

When Sherri Wood first stepped onto the few acres of vacant land in Capay, California, it fulfilled her childhood dream of farming.  She immediately envisioned a "patchwork" of crops grown in collaboration with other farmers.  She also saw a way to create opportunity for Capay Valley residents.

Throughout the year, a small team of workers from towns in the area joins Sherri to cultivate, plant, and tend the farm's 27 acres of organic lavender, herbs and beans.

Two events mark special seasons at the farm.  During May's lavender bloom and the year-end holidays, Sherri invites the public to tour the farm, relax in the fresh country air, and -- just maybe -- find inspiration for a dream of their own.  

Private tours available with advance notice.