Lavender Products for sale

Patchwork Farm grows organic lavender and herbs under the USDA National Organic Program. This ensures that NO toxins or persistent pesticides are used during the lifespan of our plants.

Bulk Lavender Buds

Each 16 ounce pack of Patchwork Farm’s lavender buds has been cleaned and sifted, ready for your use.

Culinary Lavender Buds

Buds from Lavender angustifolia add unique, subtle essence to savory or sweet foods. Half-ounce, resealable pouches make them perfect for tea, lavender lemonade, or your own blend of lavender sugar.

Herbs of Capay

Herbs of Capay is our signature blend of eight fragrant herbs. Add a touch of Capay Valley to your favorite dishes, as a rub for meats, fowl, or fish — or sprinkle on sales, greens or roasted potatoes.